Target Potential Customers & Develop Effective Offers

In our last webinito we discussed the four components that make up an effective couponing strategy. These components included generating awareness, acquiring customers, collecting information and creating loyalty. Our July webinito focuses on the elements that will help you successfully target potential customers and develop effective offers. Following are some of these elements:

Create Effective Offers

  • Wow offers that target new customers, win back customers, and promote new products and services.
  • Loyalty offers that are designed to create top of mind awareness and get your customers to repeatedly come back to your business.


  • Distribute the offers to the right customers through several different channels. These channels include face-to-face, email, direct mail, and online.

Collecting Information

  • One critical component to every successful business is the creation and maintenance of a consumer database. At a minimum, a business should be committed to collecting customer information which includes name and email address. Ideally, a business should also collect which products were purchased, how much was spent on that transaction and zip code. Also, by collecting a customer’s birth date (month and day) allows for an ideal marketing opportunity to present the customer with a valuable offer for a birthday gift.

Consumer Bulletin (Newsletter)

  • One of the most effective means for utilizing your consumer database is the Consumer Bulletin. Once you have created your database, you have easy access to your customers and can stay in touch with them at least on a monthly basis through the newsletter. Remember to incent the customer to come back to your business by including a loyalty offer in the newsletter.